The Encrypted anti espionage SIM card.

The Ionic SIM card is FULLY ENCRYPTED to support you with full control of your privacy. With the help of IMEI/IMSI data and location encryption, auto-generated safe mobile number, voice substitution, and additional features Ionic SIM cards are one of the most reliable communication tools in the market and the first of its kind in the United States.

It doesn‘t matter if you‘re an individual or organization, we will provide you with safe, high quality, unlimited mobile, and internet service WHEREVER you go.

Reserve your Ionic SIM card today, and enjoy your privacy along with many other benefits.


The Ionic SIM offers a lot more than just a regular SIM card. Our number one priority is to maintain the privacy of our users while supporting them with FREE international calls and roaming possibilities.

Private calls

Some investigative police task forces have long-range IMSI catching live phone calls and integrating hundreds if not thousands of clients on a system seen above exclusively sold to law enforcement and some governmental agencies. The rabbit hile goes so deep when considering all the vulnerabilities IONIC SIM encrypted, gps spoofed, with a voicechanging, firewall-protected SIM CARD.

With a regular SIM card, you have generic old encryption models. With these regular SIMs, your call requests are not for privacy and independence or freedom in mind. Regular sims, OTC pre-praid or through a carrier are typically 3-DES weak encryption protocols with a simplified algorithm. The Ionic encrypted SIM gives extra protection to the conversations sent out from your phone by encoding them in the A5/1 algorithm, which is the world-class standard.

Bluetooth receiver and low-frequency radio earpiece for cellular espionage. Encrypt your Ionic SIM
A sneak peek into a concept to come. I urge you to keep reading and subscribers to get all our exclusive Security related content.

Voice substitution

Today‘s modern voice recognition software can reveal person ID in a split of a second. Keep yourself protected by using smart voice substitution, which will transform your speaking voice in real-time data maintaining anonymity the entire time.

Typical gps spoof concept.

Disabled location sharing

Get an advantage from one of the main features. Randomly generated safe RGS number does not allow us to trace the location or IMEI. Keep your location private without even the slightest possibility of being spotted.

IMEi changer automatically generated each call with Ionic SIM

Unlimited calls

Don‘t be restricted and bothered by telecommunication costs in different world countries. We have included unlimited, location-independent calls into the base price for your comfort. Use a fixed upfront cost and forget about limitations. Stay connected any time, any place

Free worldwide roaming

In today’s world, mobile internet is just as important as everything else. By understanding this, we provide safe global roaming so you could relax and wouldn’t need to think about expenses in foreign countries.

Business reputation is everything. Our service is based entirely on mutual trust; therefore, our experienced team works around the clock to keep everything in check. It is essential to mention that unlike regular GSM providers, we don‘t sign any contracts or ask for personal data. This way, we ensure that none of our client’s personal information will fall into third parties. All of our SIM cards are pre-paid which means that we receive mobile data in advance to ensure maximum safety for our clients. Keeping you private includes keeping you private from us as well.


We respect our customer’s privacy needs; thus, we’ve created one of the safest and easiest to use SIM cards for your needs. Here are the qualities that set us apart from others.

USA Privacy against Mass survelance

Our service is all about keeping your personality confidential. Ionic SIM cards are impossible to trace through voice recognition or billing records. We don‘t store our customer’s contact information so that you can have your full privacy at the palm of your hand.


The Ionic SIM card is legal around the world, so you won‘t have to feel bad about using it. Our service has arrived to protect user rights, not to support illegal actions. Everything that is done through the VIP service remains under full responsibility.


You don‘t have to do anything complex in order to ensure your safety. Simply start a call like with any other SIM card. No additional actions required. Enter the world with free communication and unlimited possibilities.


We use a range of encryption methods on our numerous, location independent secure cto the core servers to keep you and your identity safe. No billing records, no location sharing, no traceable numbers or visible IMEI/IMSI. Our military grade double-data encryption is used to code all of your calls and messages.


Use your extra featured IONIC SIM card just as simple as your regular SIM card. Here‘s a breakdown of how to access any of the card‘s functions:

1. Call someone or answer someone else’s call.

2. The call command reaches our automated servers through a secure USSD channel.

3. Our servers instantly substitute your voice, encrypt your number and secure your location.

4. Continue the call through a private, secure channel.

5. After the call has ended, your interlocutor is left with randomly generated number in his/her call log.



In business, the use of mobile devices simplifies, accelerates, and optimizes business processes. However, please understand that the more complex the device is, the more threats it is exposed. It will be ideal if you note that the list of risks listed here isn’t complete. However, it contains a description of the basic methods for data leakage. The full story of threat patterns in the documents can be found elsewhere on the interet with a few of the keywords. The descriptive information is simplified and is only intended to introduce procedures. More detailed information or technical specifications can be found on the Internet.


Basic threat patterns

1. LESS-Law Enforcement Support System (SORM-rus.)-a system of technical means to carry out investigative and operational work.

2. Service Provider (Mobile Connection Operator).

3. Operating System (OS) of mobile devices and software producers/developers.

4. Radio channel traffic interception (intercept complexes: active, semi-active, passive and other interceptors).

Basic threat patterns:

1. Dynamic identifiers (IMSI+Ki, IMEI).

2. Security policy on a SIM level: Firewall

3. Voice changing.

4. Calling party number substitution.

5. Absence of location data.

6. Absence of billing data.

7. Incapacity to set up a call fact between subscribers

8. Blocking attacks at the HLR level.

9. SMS interception and blocking of any class at SMSC level, including Silent SMS or Stels SMS.

10. a encryption in GSM network. Algorithm A5/1.


For the technical control of a mobile device or SIM, its identifiers must be known. All communication networks around the whole world are governed by state regulatory bodies and are therefore technically linked to the LESS (Law Enforcement Support System – All information on this system can be found on the Internet). IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the main identifier of a mobile device. It passes this parameter in the network.

Public parameter, Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Number (MSISDN) – a number of digital network mobile subscribers with integrated services for GSM, UMTS, etc. This parameter is not passed in the network, but is comparable to IMSI.

These parameters are sufficient to obtain all the information necessary and to use it for analytical conclusions. The following information about a subscriber can be obtained using LESS, intercept complexes and other mechanisms: – By IMEI it is possible to get all SIM IMSI cards used in a particular device and, as a result, all SIM billing data (location, contact circle, SMS, MMS, voice, URL, login and passwords, etc.). – By IMSI, IMEIs of devices and IMSI of SIM can be obtained – cards used in these devices and therefore all the above data. Ionic VIP billing data does not belong to any mobile operator, since the IONIC SIM card does not belong to them. IONIC SIM card also has no public access to MSISDN.

IONIC SIM card and usual GSM network operation algorithms

The process of network logon and cell selection

1. The process of frequency scanning and cell selection begins when a mobile device with a usual SIM is switched on. Select a cell with the highest signal level. IONIC PROCESSORS SIM card only works with a second height signal cell. This protects against interception complexes.

2. The identification of the equipment and the authentication of the subscriber in a network begins after the synchronization procedure. Usual SIM authenticates the subscriber according to the algorithm A3. This protocol performs SRES key calculation that enables the authentication procedure to be completed. The IMSI and Ki parameters are used to calculate the SRES key algorithm A3. The IMSI parameter is’ sewed’ in a SIM in a standard carrier SIM, or traditional prepaid SIM, and it does not change. The IONIC PROCESSORS SIM card has several profiles with various parameters of IMSI + Ki.

Encryption in GSM network

The level of encryption depends on the network to which the subscriber is connected. IONIC PROCESSORS special SIM applet notifies subscribers if the encryption level has been reduced.

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After entering the dial number, subscribers with regular SIMs press the call button. At this stage, the mobile device sends the ALERT signal to the BSS (Base Station Subsystem) via FACCH (Fast Associated Control Channel). This signal is then sent to MSC (Mobile Switching Center). MSC sends the complete message address to the calling subscriber (the calling party). The caller hears the dial tone, and the target party hears ringing sound. With the knowledge of the mobile number of subscribers A or B (MSIDIN), all call details of the subscribers involved can be obtained and the online session can even be intersected.

The IONIC subscriber presses the call button. The SIM applet intercepts the call at this stage and redirects it to our service number. The dialed number is transferred in encrypted form from the subscriber to the PBX via the signaling channel. All outbound calls are delivered to our network service numbers. The PBX further sends a call to the end user.

Call Back – The GSM subscriber to IONIC PROCESSORS presses the call button. The call is falling at this stage. We then send the command via encrypted channel to the VPBX server. VPBX asks the host operator’s VLR to allocate a temporary number via SS7 to the subscriber. PBX initiates a call to this MSRN as soon as the MSRN is allocated to our SIM. As soon as subscriber A responds to the call, the leg A begins and the PBX begins to call subscriber B. When subscriber B responds to the call, the leg B begins. This call logic makes it impossible to get information about the call statistics from the billing of the host operator.

Unknown are: The operator is connected to the IONIC SIM card, the SIM MSISDN number and the MSISDN IMSI, KI and IMEI. Even if subscriber B is controlled, it is impossible to understand who was the second speaker because the session always consists of two legs and the PBX is always in between. This technology makes it difficult to define your contact circle.

A call to regular SIM takes place in accordance with standard procedures. Once the call initiation procedure and TMSI assignment (Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity) are completed in the VLR coverage area, the traffic termination begins and the session is considered to be set up. The operator’s billing stores information about the calling device, the location of the calling device during the session, the duration of the call, etc. A call to the IONIC SIM card is carried out as follows: SIM is assigned a virtual number -DID. The DID number receives a call from the network, translates it into a SIP protocol and routes it to the PBX. The PBX defines a subscriber who has the DID and starts the above-mentioned calling procedure. It is therefore impossible to define the location of the subscriber and the relationship of each subscriber, since the PBX is always in between.

HLR Requests

Given that public networks have standard roaming services requests, hackers have the opportunity to organize attacks in a SS7 network. These attacks appear to be regular SS7 requests from the SIM issuer operator’s HLR. The purpose of these requests is to intercept information (IMSI, KI, IMEI, etc.). HLR is an integral part of our infrastructure, so we intercept and inform our subscriber about any attacks. That’s one of the features of PING.

Phonetic control

Taking into account the fact that operators actively develop their phonetic characteristics (voice print) of the subscriber research mechanisms. Our SIM allows for both incoming and outgoing calls to distort the acoustic characteristics of the subscriber. This mechanism is very useful when calling a regular SIM card from an Ionic SIM card.

Steps SMS


Ionic SIM cards do not have host operators billing, which prevents attackers from acquiring the necessary details for analytical work (contact circle, location, real identifiers, voice).

This was made possible by the incandescence of all three-level processes: A subscriber device (modified firmware phone), an identification module (VipLine SIM card with unique applets), and a network layer (full control of HLR, MSC, and SMSC).


It should be noted that all phones are black-boxed proprietary devices. Nobody knows the peculiarities of the settings stored there, but the manufacturer himself, and sometimes even the manufacturer doesn’t know all the firmware bugs. It is also necessary to understand the constant improvement of monitoring tools.

Analytical tools identify single-use devices according to billing patterns: The timestamp of the first and last phone calls, the total number of requests, and the average number of unique online subscribers. With access to all national operators ‘ billing systems, it is possible to determine when the subscriber has removed one phone and started calling from the other: By enabling geolocation data, the place of residence of the subscriber can be identified.

While it‘s astonishing how much you can achieve with an Ionic SIM card, we understand that security and reliability are the most critical factors for our customers. For this reason, we have built an entire infrastructure that ensures your safety wherever you go. Enjoy the world with no restrictions, keep your personal information to yourself, and, above all, stay connected.

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